When you need assistance in any facet of language interpreting, we have the solution you need. We can help you with interviews, meetings, conferences and special events. WB Words also provides voice-over services for marketing and educational materials as well as liaison interpreting, consecutive conference interpreting and simultaneous conference interpreting. We are able to arrange for interpreters all across the UK and in over 40 different countries.

Our team is comprised of the highest calibre interpreters who will also consult with you to best understand your specific requirements and how they can best support you.

Consecutive Interpreting: Speech is interpreted after the speaker has spoken in order to not cut its flow. This is usually used for interviews, court hearings, site visits or business meetings.

Ad Hoc Interpreters: Speech is interpreted sentence by sentence. Usually used for legal statements such as sworn declarations, testimonies, etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting: Used in conferences, interpreters wear headsets and provide immediate interpretation.

Telephone Interpreting: Useful when speakers are in different locations and need to communicate to each other.

British Sign Language: We are able to provide Sign Language interpreters for meetings, training and conferences.

Contact us now to find out the availability of the language pair(s) you require.

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