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At HE Words, we provide individuals, businesses and international organisations with professional & reliable International Business & Language Services.

We match a professional language translator or interpreter with your market sector or industry, to ensure your translation or interpreting needs are not just accurate but also translated or interpreted in your industry language using the correct terminology.

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  1. Why so little Chinese in English?

     Most Chinese words now part of English show, in their spelling and meaning, to have been borrowed a long time ago, often from non-Mandarin Chinese varieties like Cantonese.




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  2. Lost in translation

    Hilarious advice signs from foreign airports... where their English leaves a little to be desired


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  3. Polish becomes England's second language

    Data from 2011 census reveals 546,000 people in England and Wales speak Polish


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  4. HE Words

    23rd June 2013 HE WORDS

    will be 10 years old !!!



    Trade with the emerging markets is vital


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